The True Age of the Sphinx

The True Age of the Sphinx

The True Age of the Sphinx

The story began with an alternative Egyptologist, named de Lubicz, who first pointed to the water erosion marks on the body of the Sphinx. Around 40 years later John Anthony West was investigating that claim and asked the geologist Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University to verify the evidence onsite. That led to a controversial conclusion that the weathering pattern present on the lion was, indeed, caused by precipitation. The documentary “Mystery of the Sphinx”, aired in 1993, presented the theory to the general public.

Evidence and implications

Vertical fissures on the walls of the Sphinx enclosure led the geologist to conclude that the date of its initial construction is around 10000 BC, roughly the end of the last Ice Age. The creation of this monument needs to be pushed back, based on of evidence of extensive rainfall.

Together with Dr. Thomas Dobecki, the two scientists conducted seismic tests for subsurface weathering around the site and the probes also supported the above claim.

According to Robert Schock’s book, cosmic events wiped out the previous civilization and that was followed by “Solar Dark Age”. Isotope data and the vitrification phenomena around the world corroborates the theory. Based on his research, the solar outbursts, that unleashed plasma discharges upon Earth can be the culprit for the eradication of an entire civilization.

Sphinx Water Erosion, courtesy of

Public Rejection

Dr Robert Schoch presented the data on a conference, which took place at the convention of American Association for the Advancement of Science, but (not surprisingly) was faced with vigorous criticism and scold. The one-hour debate was heated and the opponents even called his approach “pseudoscience”. Judge for yourself, but, even if you are not convinced, we must acknowledge that he is one of the rarest kinds, who follow the trace of the evidence, no matter what. Rarely do we see an open-minded and brave enough scientist to challenge the status quo and the standard narrative of the ancient history. Needless to say, severe attacks come due to the fact that this theory may eventually result in rewriting the standard story. Guess what is at stake here – careers, social benefits, political issues.


Often times the counter-argument was that nobody at that age would be that advanced technologically to achieve the construction task. A relatively recent discovery – Gobekli Tepe forces us to reconsider our antiquity, though.

We are the best, the pinnacle of creation, at least that is what we assume all the time. Ours is the only civilization that ever existed on this planet. The above presented information can humble us and make us open to the possibility for our predecessor to be more advanced that we usually attribute them to be.

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