Are you safe in the hands of the anointed experts

Are you safe in the hands of the anointed experts

In many countries voices are raised to substitute the parties that are in government with experts who hold degrees and possess higher ideals, compared to us the common folk. That paternalistic vision in its essence is anti-democratic because the elite will just pick the appropriate people to promote their premeditated agenda.

Funding – follow the money, instead of science

While many people trust the scientific establishment due to its marvelous achievements in the past, vary rarely do we compare the current situation to the glorious days of the scientific revolution. Throughout the media the talking heads assure us that they are virtuous and unbiased when they elaborate on controversial issues – global warming, taxes, morality. Yes, we should take their claims with a pinch of salt. In many cases, these experts have vested interests – they are funded by multimillion corporation or depend on grant renewals by the state.

Links to the Elite        

If we dig deeper into the totalitarian regimes we won’t be surprised to discover that the intellectuals were in many cases eager to please the powers that be. Sometimes they were among the first rows that run the new wave, probably driven by survival instinct. Take a deep breath, the previous statement can be logically applied to our current affairs. Often we see that distinguished figures from the community of physics, humanities or media pundits are pushing us in a certain direction or engage in promoting a worldview. Once we accept their agenda, any criticism is futile – the propaganda looks indistinguishable from any concrete fact.

Statistics and Effectiveness

Though we all are impressed by the graphs and charts indicating the need for a social or economic reform, we never get to read about the results of the measures taken. Think about it, the experts (policy makers, economists or just people who get on air) are not accountable to anybody and don’t get punished if their plans fall off the cliff (Sowell). Imagine that in your job your boss lets you loose and you have all the freedom to do whatever you want without facing the consequences. Now, think about the state and the implications of implementing wrong policies.

Compare and contrast

Dialectics had disappeared from the current Age of Information,  try to have a decent discussion online and you are faced with harsh remarks, ad hominem attacks and in majority of cases “straw man” arguments. Unfortunately, the same is valid for the vexing social issues, discussed in front of the public, by experts and opinion movers. When was the last time you saw a thorough debate juxtaposing all the subtle details and presenting all the sides in decent manner? To the average laymen the problems seemed to have already been settled by the all-knowing, immaculate modern clergy.


Do you remember the Nuremberg trials after the Nazis crimes against humanity? On several occasions Eichmann stated that he was just following orders. That is valid for any bureaucratic group or specialized group of experts. They have their own spot in the system and are reduced almost to machine (cog) pointing to plus or minus. The AI promises a better future but there are many dangers lurking in the dark. They tend to ignore the potential dangers when it comes to the applications of self-driving cars or military drones.

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