Peace Hippies Counter Culture

Modern alternative cultures: rock, rave, metal etc are an indispensable part of our society. Often people who are part of them behave in a specific manner, wear specific clothes and share similar attitudes towards the society and the universally accepted norms. All these trends can be collectively referred to as “countercultures” and their origin can be traced back to the hippies of the sixties. 

With the accelerating pace at which the new technologies are introduced into our daily life we are becoming more and more dependent on them to keep track of our physical activities, suggest places to eat, obtain information.

In our democratic societies we can criticize politicians, media, institutions. One thing we are not allowed to criticize is the overall omnipotence of technology.

artificial intelligence bluff

It is beyond doubt that computers improved our ways of dealing with numbers – we can now faster calculate deviations, assess theories and make prognostic analysis. But if the AI is expected to substitute us in making crucial decisions we will need much more. If we take for example the arrival of a new theory, drawing from history (Kuhn) we realize the process involved intuition and challenging of the accepted dogma. Simple, repetitive actions as on a production line are definitely within the capabilities of robotics but who will be in charge of gathering the information, finding the correlations, as well as suggestion new alternatives?