Christopher Dunn participated in several episodes of the Ancient Aliens series and in various documentaries. Don’t be misled, he has credibility, is an established engineer and is not the average amateur dealing with pseudo – scientific topics (no offense meant). He is an expert in aerospace, tool-making and manufacture. Currently, he works as a Project Engineer and Laser Operations Manager at Danville Metal Stamping company. He published numerous articles and two books: “The Giza Power Plant” and “Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt: Advanced Engineering in the Temples of the Pharaohs”.


After reading William Petrie and Peter Tompkins he became fascinated by the mysterious Egyptian pyramids and artifacts and did several journeys in Egypt, exploring the Giza Plateau and other not so well-known sites. In order to set the things straight from the beginning he is not promoting an Alien connection, regarding the Egypt ancient monuments. He is presenting their precision and in some cases the peculiar tool marks left for the public to draw their own conclusion. One has only to check the photographic materials to immediately realize that the mainstream Egyptology is presenting a false paradigm.


In his first book he sets out to prove that the Great Pyramid was not build for a burial but instead served as a giant machine. He claims that it transformed Earth’s energies into microwave radiation.

He compares the modern tools (in his second book) necessary to create the statues and monuments to the ones that official Egyptologists claim were present at the time. Copper chisels and stone hammers simply cannot work on harder stone (diorite or granite), not to mention about the fine polishing of the surface.

In “Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt: Advanced Engineering in the Temples of the Pharaohs” he explores numerous ancient sites and analyses their features with aid by computer-aided software and metrology instruments. His conclusions are way beyond what the conventional historians will tell you about these places. It is demonstrated that the builders possessed far superior technology, than what we usually attribute to them. Chris Dunn points to the fact that the statues are uniform, no matter their size or scale. To him it is clear that the the Ancient Egyptians had some templates when they produced their statues. The Ramzes statue which initially caught his attention had the left and right side of the face almost in perfect symmetry. He calculated that the deviation is close to zero.

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