Sarapeum – the sacred bulls that may overthrow the paradigm

Sarapeum – the sacred bulls that may overthrow the paradigm

One of the lesser known sites in Egypt, which may hold the key to many mysteries in our ancient past, is the Sarapeum, located in Saqqara. We suspect that information about it is deliberately suppressed in order to avoid embarrassing questions raised.

General Information

The boxes, inside the tunnels, are constructed from one single piece of granite, only the lid stays apart. Most probably they were quarried and then transported to the site. Some of the peculiar features that still baffle the people investigating the area are: light source missing, sheer size, the fact that boxes consist of a single solid piece, weighing 100 tons.


The crude quality of the hieroglyphs prompts that probably the proper timing can diverge from the attributed. They just don’t match the craftsmanship and quality of the boxes in the area. It is worth mentioning that the Dynastic people may have discovered the site and adopted it for their own purposes. Our civilization is doing the same on many ancient sites without even realizing that.

The width of the tunnel is in some rooms just slightly above the boxes’s. That would cause problems for the workers trying to push it inside the site.


The usual “cookie cutter” explanation for every challenging discovery – what was the purpose of its construction? For religion purposes – burial place for Apis bulls. Of course, needless to say that defies simple logic and commonsense. Were there sacred bulls found onsite? Just some scattered skeletons cannot explain away the magnitude of the endeavor to create such a complex system.


Boxes of Sarapeum 2, by Ovedc

Extremely polished surface is one of the first things that catch the attention, one can almost see the reflection of a mirror image. Yousef Awyan promotes the theory of polishing by liquid, because that can account for the complete coverage of the surface. Even the irregularities bear the same smooth finishing.

The angles inside are almost perfect 90 degrees and one has to wonder why that is even necessary since they will be used for burials. It is apparent that whatever the reason is it has nothing to do with their ceremonies but serves a practical goal. Either for the constructors it was the standard procedure (machine like precision) or they wanted to achieve some specific effect.

Timing and resources

Maneuvering throughout the tunnels can pose severe hindrances for the supposed slave workers pushing the objects inside the underground complex.

 Imagine they did not have electricity so that creates another issue. The tunnels had to be illuminated otherwise that puts additional constraints to the workforce involved. Not to mention that up to this moment we cannot see any traces of smoke that can shed light on the actual process. 

Many civilizations inherit existing sites, renovate and adapt them to serve their new purposes. That doesn’t mean that they were the original creators. In the following posts we will present to you some sites that are neglected in the mainstream narrative. We speculate that it is for a good purpose – to hide the features that may challenge the standard history we were taught at school.

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