Challenges to Darwinian Evolution – What our Biology Teacher Forgot to Mention

Challenges to Darwinian Evolution – What our Biology Teacher Forgot to Mention

Challenges to Darwinian Evolution – What our Biology Teacher Forgot to Mention

Since childhood we are led to believe that Evolution is a mere fact which is beyond any doubt and is the only logical explanation of the origin of life and humans in particular. We are often bombarded by the media that there are multiple recent findings which corroborate the theory and we only have to fill in some minor details to get the complete picture. But is that claim substantiated?

Haeckel’s Embryos – a fraud

Perhaps you will get a flash of memory when you hear that name. Yes, these empbryos were present in all the textbooks on Biology since their first publication around 1900. They are supposed to show that at the earlier stages the embryos show similar features across the species. Under close examination in recent years it was revealed that the drawings were tweaked: different scale was used for different animals and some non-matching elements were omitted. We were led to believe that Evolution is an established truth but the devil was hiding once again in the details. To this day some textbooks do not state the embarrassing truth that these fraudulent drawings were used to prove a point, amounting to a dogma.

Cambrian Explosion

540 million years ago new type of organisms abruptly appeared on the face of the Earth. If we follow the logical supposition of Darwin we are to expect a gradual, step by step formation of any living organism. Any layman can grasp that this should result in the fossil records following a distinct pattern of one species morphing into another. Nevertheless, with Cambrian Explosion we are faced with a profound mystery – how can the animals during that period appear with completely new body plan?  One explanations was that prior to this period the conditions on Earth prevented the organism from fossilization. However, further studies dismissed that claim – we have evidence of previous life-forms. Why that contradiction to the established theory was not included in the common biology textbook is another puzzle? Perhaps, powers that be in science and politics consider the population incapable of thinking for themselves and drawing their own conclusions.   

The Mysterious Origin of Information

The DNA molecule is comprised of double helix which carries the instructions for the development of any living organism on our planet. The code itself is made up from four bases:  adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). Without bothering you with the trivia we will concentrate on the bigger question. Ask any of your friends that has studied biology in some form: is DNA code in its essence information? If they respond affirmatively, thinking to themselves what a weird question it is time to surprise them. Is there a natural process that we know, which can produce information out of nothing? Let’s ponder on this issue for a moment – when we exchange messages or write software code we are not creating gibberish or using random symbols. Yet the following lies at the core of the evolution myth. Information arising by accumulation for millions of years, by an alleged random process. Does that really make sense? Think for yourself.

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